Blackfin processor support for Ghidra



All Blackfin instructions should be disassmbled correctly. Blackfin+ instructions are not implemented.

Blackfin assembly syntax differs from most other assembly syntaxes in that it does not use mnenomics, but uses rather a mathematical syntax.

R0 = R1 + R2
[--SP] = R1

As ghidra more or less requires mnemonics in the disassembly, mneomics are added but the syntax after that is close to the blackfin assembly syntax.

ADD  R0 = R1 + R2
PUSH [--SP] = R1


Implementation for most of the general purpose instructions is done. Most of the DSP instructions are not implemented.

From all the status flags only the CC flag is implemented.

Parallel execution of one 32-bit instruction and two 16-bit instructions is only marked with '||' at the mnenomic of the 32-bit instruction but otherwise not handled. This is not perfect as the result may be wrong depending on the source and destination registers used.

R1 = R0 -|- R2 || [FP + 36] = R1 || NOP;

R1 is destination in the first instruction and source in the second instruction. With the current implementation the second instruction uses the result from the first, but on real hardware it would use the unmodified value.

Hardware loops are only handled if the loop is initialized with an LSETUP instruction. Further the setup instruction and the end of the loop needs to be disassembled in one step. Manually setting the loop registers is currently not handled.


Supports loading of Blackfin boot streams (.ldr files).


Use gradle to build extension: GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=${GHIDRA_HOME} gradle and use Ghidra to install it: File → Install Extensions...