BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
blackfin+Separate blackfin and blackfin+Klaus Flittner2 years
mainUpdate for ghidra 10.1Klaus Flittner2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-22Update for ghidra 10.1HEADmainKlaus Flittner
2020-12-21Add processor variant BF52x with memory map and register definitions.Klaus Flittner
2020-12-20[BlackfinLoader] Implement BFLAG_FILL handling for non null argumentKlaus Flittner
2020-12-08Add some more implementations for different instructions.Klaus Flittner
2020-12-08Add loader for Blackfin boot streams (.ldr files)Klaus Flittner
2020-11-21Add support for hardware based loops.Klaus Flittner
2020-11-21Add some more implementations for 32bit instructions.Klaus Flittner
2020-11-13Added implementation status to readmeKlaus Flittner
2020-11-13Character ^ needs to be quoted in the display sectionKlaus Flittner
2020-11-10Changed the dissasembly syntax to match the blackfin assembler syntax closer.Klaus Flittner