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masterFix crash due to JSON::XS croaking on invalid JSON documentsKlaus Flittner9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-05-06Fix crash due to JSON::XS croaking on invalid JSON documentsHEADmasterKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22check if policy and signature is present for POST requestsKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22return metadata on GET and HEAD requestsKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22save metadata on put and post requestsKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22always return xml error responsesKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22Check signature only if sent in requestKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22update calculation of signatureKlaus Flittner
2015-02-22Add functions to store metadata for each keyKlaus Flittner
2015-02-18implement normal PUT operationKlaus Flittner
2015-02-18implement DELETE requestKlaus Flittner